Hardworking homework spaces

So you have a school aged child, or maybe a few. Sometimes it can be real battle when it comes to homework time. Creating a dedicated study space with the least possible amount of distractions can be a real benefit to reducing the headaches for all. However, as we don’t all live in large houses with plenty of spare rooms, it pays to think a little creatively when it comes to creating the study space.

The most obvious place for a child to study is in their own room, but you don’t need to stick to this rule at all. Indeed, many city dwellers with multiple kids may not even have the luxury of each child having their own room to work in. The key is to escape from the hustle and bustle of the house to promote focus and concentration. The area you choose should be free from as much ambient noise as possible, such as TV sounds.

Finding a small niche can sometimes work well. You don’t need a whole room, once you start to look at the under used spaces around the home. As Harry Potter knows well, the space under stairs can be a super useful area. With a little creativity it is often possible to carve out quite a good space for all ages of kids. The key is to work with the angles and shapes you have, don’t try to go against them. You can normally comfortably fit a good sized desk and shelves under a set of stairs, even if they may need to be custom made to fit the space. No one likes clutter and its really not good for study at all, so factor in lots of storage space to hide all that mess. An even better idea is to install some sliding doors that can completely hide the space when not in use. Be sure you use quality door hardware from leading suppliers such as Brio, who make some the of the finest door hardware for sliding doors in the market, with many architects using their products for high end designs to great effect. Check them out.

Lighting is of course very important, so try to choose a space that has lots of natural light if possible. However you also need to be aware of too much direct sunlight falling on the study area blinding the hardworking student. Wherever the space, good task lighting is a must. A nice jointed lamp or overhead spotlights can work a treat here. Moreover, consider how to manage the vast amounts of cables that are needed these days. Make sure you have enough power points to satisfy even the most tech savvy teenager.

So there you  have it, creating a great study space doesn’t need a whole room, just a small space and lots of bright ideas.