Kids Coding in the classroom

Getting kids into coding can be a hard task. It’s complex nature and sometimes mysterious nuances stump even seasoned coders. Luckily there are now a number of Apps and courses available to teach coding to beginners and school age children alike.

Made with Code is a Google initiative aiming to get more girls interested in computer science with a number of easy to follow steps and tutorials. It’s simple and intuitive to use with a number of additional resources and new updates being continually added to the system.

Another great resource has been developed by MIT to teach kids the basics of code in an easy to use interface. Scratch lets students create and develop simple animations by using “blocks” that relate to the actual structure of computer code. It’s really easy for everyone to use and the results are really cool and inspire kids to go on and learn more complex coding using HTML and Javascript in the future. and the Khan Academy both have a number of good self-paced tutorials to give kids and introduction to the basic concepts of code. Basic animation and computer programming are all covered to create a good spring board into more complex computer science areas.

Once the spark is lit, I have found that high school students that are interested in coding and computers in general, really benefit from partaking in some form of work experience with a web development or animation company. Ambion is one company in Sydney that offers internships and work experience for students wishing to learn more and get some industry experience under their belt. Their web development Sydney services cover most areas of modern coding languages and technologies allowing kids to get their teeth into some real projects and learn new skills.

Coding doesn’t need to be scary or overwhelming if it is taught correctly initially. The general concepts and ideas are actually quite easy to get your head around and if a solid knowledge base is created early, kids will be progressing quickly to more advance programming in no time.