Things to ask your kids before school starts

We as parents have all been there. The night before school goes back and the panic is in full swing. Where’s the uniform, where are the text books, who is hiding the lunch boxes. If this is your house, chances are the ensuing term could follow a similar pattern of chaos. However there are a few simple things even the most disorganised of families can set in place to have the school year go as smoothly as possible.

Where will your kids do their homework and study? If getting your kids to do their homework is akin to raising the titanic from the depths using some party balloons, you are not alone. Maybe its time to rethink your approach –from shouty to open minded. Take the time to ask your kids where they would like to do their daily home study – alone in a room, with you, on the Island bench? All kids are different, some prefer to be alone doing homework, others do not, just listen to them and you will most likely have a much more successful homework routine. Wherever they choose, make sure the space is set up for effective study.

A study nook can work wonders, it focuses the mind and provides access to all the essentials in one place. You don’t need an entire room either, it pays to think outside the box with many under used spaces around your house making perfect study zones. Got space under the stairs? This can make a great study nook with a little creativity. Organisation is the key here, make sure you include lots of storage to hide the clutter. Even better still, close the space off by using some large sliding doors. You can choose whatever style will suit your décor, from modern and sleek to rustic barn style sliding doors. Just make sure the doors use top quality rolling systems from brands like Brio who make some of the best door hardware in the market. Their range covers basically every style of door from bifold doors to sliding doors and servery windows.

How will you shoe your childs’ achievements? Lets face it, not all kids are good at all things. If your child is enjoying art, but maybe not sport so much, they might soon start to think that they not “good” at sport. Just explain to them that its just human for some things to come more naturally and not so much others. Getting them to realise this is an important step in their maturity. You can feed their self esteem by framing some of their artwork and hanging it in the living area for the whole family to see.

Routine is king. If you feel like your are repeating yourself everyday with the same annoying details, maybe its time for fresh approach. Routines that work can solve many problems, whereas if your child considers you nagging at them constantly, more than likely they will block you out. Are you over your kids marching into the house, throwing their bag at the front door and walking in with their shoes on, think about re modelling the entrance to easily see where everything needs to go. Coloured hooks or stands to hang bags, shelves to place shoes and a basket to put their lunchboxes in can work a treat and doesn’t cost much to set up.